Day 2 : The Vegan Virgin Pops Her Cherry

Me: “Are there many vegetarians in Russia?”


Russian: “No”

Me: “But why not?”

Russia: “Because they would die.”


And they may be right – forbidding all products derived from animals (including eggs, honey and all dairy) during the final month of our 6 month winter may, in fact, be suicide.


I have officially survived 30 vegan hours in the land of Lenin and the never-ending winter.

But having no time to cook, means having it hardcore.

I popped my cherry on an exquisite diet of raw fruit, canned peas, ginger tea and rice cakes…

Whilst my colleagues revelled in cream-topped cakes, cheese snacks and chocolates.


4 thoughts on “Day 2 : The Vegan Virgin Pops Her Cherry

    • Not missing the meat, but definitely the dairy products! I have been working on making traditional Russian food vegan-friendly based on the ingredients stocked in typical shops, so hopefully I’ll get some recipes up soon. Btw, the Himalaya on Nikolskaya Ulitsa does a great sag paneer!))

    • Vegan is tough – all the fancy substitutes you get in Western countries are really hard to find here – not to mention they have their own Russian names – and even google translate doesn’t recognise their existence ))
      But being a bit of a puritan, fresh produce rules – and it gets the creative juices flowing. Hopefully I’ll adapt some Russian food vegan-style soon and share some recipes…
      I think Lenin would approve đŸ˜‰

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