Day 15 : Defeating the Japanese… and their tofu goo

15 days in and one tub of tofu goo in my fridge. 

There I stand. In my kitchen. Alone. Disappointed. Glancing distastefully at the soy by-product whose consistency eludes description. Instead of the imagined purchase of tough plant protein with a chicken-like texture to add to my future vegan “plov”*, I end up with a box-shaped mass of ickiness.

I blame the Japanese and their nasty island habits.

So the plov is put on the back burner and the goo put in the fridge after a failed attempt at frying some life into it.

I WILL NOT defeated by the Japanese. Nor their tofu goo.

Held captive by my fridge, the tofu goo survived three days before my stroke of genius smote it with  dazzling brilliance.

Japanese : 0 – Me : 1

Idiot-proof 3 minute vegan ice cream was born. You can do it too!

Gnom nom nom

Ingredients :

1 portion of tofu goo and 1 handful of frozen blueberries


1 portion of tofu goo, 1/2 banana, 2 small squares of dark chocolate


Put in dish, blend with hand blender, until desired consistency – smooth or chunky


1 portion of edible happiness

*Plov is a Central Asian rice dish traditionally cooked with lamb and some vegetables. Vegan and original recipe potentially up soon. I am a bit flaky so I prefer not to make any promises )))


7 thoughts on “Day 15 : Defeating the Japanese… and their tofu goo

    • There are a few places they might stock it – where have you tried? The Chinese shop on Sukharevskaya stocks some of the firmer soy products but you could also try the (online with delivery and shop) – there is a list of products they sell on their VK page as the website is down for maintenance at the moment. Or maybe the Jagannath which has lots of choice…
      Let me know how it goes ! and recipes too ))

      • I’ve tried Jagannath before… They had one kind of suspect-looking product that was, of course, vastly overpriced. I’ve basically resigned myself to going without.

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