Day 30: 1 month on, what next?

Yes, I am alive…

My work has been sapping my creative juices.

Add 10.30 hours of work spent in front of a screen, millions of words read per day, a couple hundred written too, hours of footage screened-cut-and aired. And voila – one freshly-pressed wordpress writer fresh out of words.

Still vegan though …


I very truthfully feel good. I am not the victim of cravings. Somehow the odour of meat gets stronger – and less appealing – the longer you live without it. I do not miss milk. I have absolutely no urge for any processed foods.

I enjoy opening my cupboard and seeing a wide array of nuts, cereals, oils,  flours and spices – and knowing what’s in them. I get excited when I open my fridge and seeing it overflowing with fresh colourful produce.

I consume products depending on the nutrients they contain and what delicious flavours I can carve from them.  I appreciate everything I eat knowing that it satisfies my body’s needs.

I do not regret Mc Donalds or Moscow restaurants because my hands can make more amazing meals than anything any scientist could ever cook up. I contemplate and create my own diet with no added sugar, oil, E- s, monos, polysaturates, MSGs, etcs.

I go to the gym and out-crunch the male population convinced that beer and meat will make them stronger. I outrun meandering ladies on the treadmill whose frames betray their food disdain.

I feel sorry that people wrinkle their nose at the idea of veganism. I feed them homemade cakes, breads, soups, salads and anything else I can carry in my bag. Then I tell them the truth. I enjoy their pleasant surprise.

One thing, if any.

I feel bad refusing people’s offers of food. And if you are among those people, I must apologise once again.

First month conclusion?

This  idea originally  spawned with a deadline – the 5th of May – Russia’s official end date for Lent.

I am now reviewing this decision with the potential outcome of a indefinite finish line.


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