Day 32: A suitable replacement for meat and milk





Today I learned a few subtle nuances we may all do well to integrate into any thoughts we care to proffer to someone seeking the meaning of life … 

Mainly, the difference between to “not like” one’s job and to “hate” one’s job.

1- Most people DO NOT LIKE their job, but it’s survivable and the misspent time leaves a very vague sensation of getting older, but not knowing where the time has gone

2- Any job which makes leaves one with a sense of stupidity and/or inadequacy or other -y words, can be equated to HATE and should be considered as far more serious than the normal NOT LIKing complaints.

As I am currently hovering between 1 and 2 with no distinguishable winner just yet, I have decided to replace milk and meat by cigarettes – vegan of course – and with just the right balance of chemicals and smoke.



Just add wine.


3 thoughts on “Day 32: A suitable replacement for meat and milk

  1. I love my job, but various other things turned me to cigarettes in Moscow… Not least the 70rbl price tag! Now, I won’t even get started on the Vodka, Wine or Beer on the weekends… Result = One messy and unhealthy expat lifestyle.

    A good and funny blog, definatly following. Keep it up! 🙂

    NL. x

    • I find a banya helps with any overly excessive expat messiness 😉 also not mixing vodka with, well, pretty much anything

      Thank you for your vote of confidence. Maybe one day our Moscow paths will cross! In the meantime, good luck over the May holidays )))

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