Forget hummus … Get Dokukinetta

Dokukinetta might actually be better than hummus, or at least for those with under-stocked cupboards and 13hour work days, living in a vegan unfriendly environment.

In the land of buckwheat, chickpeas come few and far between, as does tahini paste, and time, so I made my own, with ingredients universally stocked by our beloved little produktis (corner shops).

Dokukinetta has no chickpeas, hardly any olive oil, no tahini paste and no lemon juice, and can be made in exactly 5 minutes. Attention : strong flavours


1 medium can kidney beans (400g net weight)

1 small can black olives (approx 200 net weight)

2 cloves garlic

dash of olive oil


Chop garlic

Rinse beans

Put garlic, beans and olives in food processor (or grab your hand blender or potato  masher)

Add dash of olive oil

Mash, crush, blend and bash into submission or at least until the mixture achieves a paste-like texture.

Attention : strong flavours guaranteed


Dill : 1 handful dill

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Some silken tofu for extra creaminess


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