Kremlin Cauliflower – fast food king

The Cauliflower is a beautiful brain-shaped vegetable which deserves more respect than to be drowned in bechamel sauce – vegan or otherwise.

Therefore I have made this crunchy cruciferous the new victim of my life drive to discover culinary delight in a butter-free world of close Kremlin quarters.

So, in line with political tradition all sides of the border,  I have taken the ‘coloured cabbage’* and submitted to my imperial will.



–  1/2 lemon

– 1 medium red onion

– cauliflower 1/2 head

– pinch of salt

– dash of olive oil




1- Rinse cauliflower, separate florets (little heads), slice perpendicularly (like a vertical cross section). I don’t mind if your outer parts crumble.

2- Chop onion in half then slice

3- Heat oil in pan, then add red onion. Cook on medium/high heat for 5 mins

4- Add cauliflower, squeeze some lemon juice over it, sprinkle some salt and cook at medium heat for 5 mins

5- Taste, adjust seasoning if necessary by adding extra lemon juice and/or salt

6- Cook for another five minutes. The cauliflower should be coated with juice and texture should still be crunchy.

7. Serve as garnish (makes 2 side portions), keep for lunch box, serve as main with fresh spinach and homemade sauce of your liking, serve as apéritif snack, feed the donkeys at the animal shelter, plate up in veggie burger, add to vegetable broth, send it back to me … the options are endless.


Bon appétit!





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