Cheap shots and hot spots on the Moscow Metro

All hail the new Element Magazine article for those who would rather spend their money  on Soviet Arcade Games and ‘Street Meat’.

On the list:

The Matreshka Museum

The Soviet Arcade Museum

Ismailovo Market

The Vodka Museum



Like a great Mausoleum but with food and drink and comfortable seats – Prozhektor, THE reveiw

Great food, a great chef and great ideas.  I would give the chef a star – if I had less to do. Besides it might make him lazy, and we don’t want that.


This guy has taken all the greatness of Russian cuisine and made it beautiful.


Prozhektor serves up platefuls of “eat me”, add a kalyan (hookah) and a corner booth and boom you have it …


My new home.



Check out my published opinion review at Element Magazine.

Going green in Moscow, there’s something in the water

Green as in environmentally friendly and healthy that is. Don’t deny it. You immediately splodged right into that big stereotypical puddle there. The one with the sign : “Moscow is making her ill”. Well you were wrong, sort of. Over the first year and a half, I reckon I lost enough hair to reweave every tapestry of Westminster. I imported shampoo, bought expensive conditioner and even complained. Nothing worked.

Until this. Easy solutions that actually save your hair and your money. Click here to access my knowledge

Hippie-free solution guaranteed

Find a mate… or a murderer – Lianochka’s Guide to Internet Dating

Love is a beautiful thing, but very honestly, it’s not my main focus in life.

Denial is.

But it’s a good thing, because love drives me to drink, to despair and to be even worse at my job than I generally am.

So I have turned love into a profitable adventure (1rub per word) : free Russian lessons, free drinks and free company to boot.

Warming up in Winter