Recipe Links

I am a vegan because I am aesthete.

There is nothing more beautiful than fresh produce. Nature is bright, colourful and cheerful. I will cultivate my passion for life through nature until the ebb and flow of life’s existential mockery chooses a more delectable target.

Forgive my food photography skills, follow the links to see what’s filling my fridge. Mainly :



Dokukina Daikon : fresh, crunchy roots marinated with chili pepper and lime leaves



Dokukinetta : like hummus, just better



Curried Carrot ac Courgette : the food of champions, soup lovers and empty cupboards

Vegan Mecca : heartwarming split pea soup saves my vegan soul



Orange and Apricot Buckwheat Cake with Grapefruit Glaze : this recipe should not need an explanation


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