Rostokino Truffles – or how to win friends & influence people (in 5min)

The Rostokino Truffle was born on the eve of my second morning shift. Perkiness is hard to come by in my workplace at 5am. It rises about 9am like our local barrista. And what better to brighten battered spirits than coffee? Food!


Vegan truffles are a fantastically easy and versatile snack with ingredients most of us already have in our cupboards. They take no time to prepare and you can make loads. Literally.


So go ahead, bring a bit of sunshine to your work day and your colleagues.




– 8 pitted dates

– 2/3 cup nuts (I used cashew and almonds)

– 1/3 cup dried fruit (I used prunes, apricots, cranberries because that’s what I had)

– 1 large tbsp tahini paste (could do without)

– drizzle of water to moisten the paste if it is too stiff.

– cacao powder for coating (or sesame seeds or coconut flakes)




– Blend all ingredients (except water and cacao)  in food processor until you obtain a thick paste (drizzle a little water if necessary)

– Scoop heaped tsp spoon amount

– Roll between palms to obtain a ball

– Roll ball in cacao powder

– Taste (or store in air proof container in fridge for work)


Bon appétit !